Coastal kayak training - Level 2

What you will learn

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Skills you get after completion of level training

  • Paddling Strokes: draw Stroke, T Stroke, sculling draw.
  • Bracing: sculling.
  • Edging.
  • Navigation and Planning: Synoptic charts Reading, Marine forecasts, Beaufort scale, Online forecasts, Measuring Distance on a Chart, Spring and Neaps.

Kayak can be experienced only

  • Sea Kayaking on sit-in kayak: crossing the surf zone, surfing the whitewater wave.
  • Paddling: backwater, ocean, daytime and night time paddling.
  • Edging.
  • Green wave surfing on Sit on Top tandem and solo.
  • Stamina Building: Paddling long distance.
experiencing the kayak

Who should take
this course

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Anyone looking learn more about kayaking than recreational kayaking.

Anyone whats to do sea/coastal expedition

Cost coverages

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13000/person + tax

Cost inclusion

Equipment rental, instructor fee, transportation to and back from the beach if required.

Cost exclusion

Accommodation, food charges or any other miscellaneous cost not included in the Inclusion(above) is not included in the fee and must be paid extra.

Where is the kayak located

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All training is organised at Mulki, Mangalore, India. We have whitewater, sea kayak, and sit on top(several brands) kayaks available to organise the training.
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